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60s Wedding Theme Ideas

Planning a 60s-themed wedding can be an exciting and unique way to celebrate your love. Here are some tips to help you create a groovy and memorable event:

1. Embrace the Era's Fashion

  • Bride and Groom Attire: Think of classic 60s styles. Brides can opt for a mod mini dress or a flowy, hippie-style gown. Grooms can go for a sharp, tailored suit in a 60s cut, perhaps with a skinny tie or a Nehru jacket.

  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: Choose bright colors, geometric patterns, or tie-dye. For a fun twist, have bridesmaids in go-go boots and groomsmen in Beatles-inspired suits.

2. Venue and Decor

  • Venue: Look for a place with a retro vibe, like a historic hotel or a garden for a more Woodstock feel.

  • Decor: Use psychedelic colors and patterns. Lava lamps, beaded curtains, and vintage posters can add an authentic touch.

3. Music and Entertainment

  • Hire a band that specializes in 60s music or a DJ with a collection of hits from the era.

  • Consider having a vinyl record player with a selection of classic albums for an authentic touch.

4. Food and Drinks

  • Menu: Offer a modern twist on classic 60s dishes. Think updated versions of fondue, deviled eggs, or shrimp cocktail.

  • Drinks: Serve classic cocktails from the era like martinis, Moscow mules, or mint juleps.

5. Photography

  • Hire a photographer who can recreate the look of 60s photos, or set up a photo booth with vintage props.

6. Invitations and Stationery

  • Design invitations that reflect the era's art style, using bold colors and psychedelic fonts.

7. Transportation

  • Arrive in style in a classic car from the 60s, like a Volkswagen Beetle or a vintage Mustang.

8. Favors and Gifts

  • Give guests something to remember the day by, like custom tie-dye shirts or vintage 60s sunglasses.

9. Wedding Cake

  • Choose a cake with a design that reflects the era, perhaps featuring bright colors and geometric shapes.

10. Incorporate Social Movements

  • The 60s were a time of significant change. You could include nods to this in your vows or decor, celebrating themes of peace and love.

11. Guest Engagement

  • Encourage guests to dress in 60s attire and maybe even hold a contest for the best-dressed.

12. Plan a Themed Rehearsal Dinner

  • Make the rehearsal dinner a part of the experience with a 60s-themed quiz night or a screening of a popular movie from the era.

By incorporating these elements, your 60s-themed wedding will not only be a celebration of your love but also a fun, immersive experience for everyone involved. Remember, the key is to have fun and let your personal style shine through in the details!

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