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Andy Grimm Photography

Every couple and every ceremony has a story to tell. My couples come up

with themes that tell us all your love story and all the heart and soul you are bringing to

life. Choosing a photographer to capture those moments is critical. Most of the

photos you will see on the Bushnell Facebook website were provided to me by

the couples and their photographer Andrew Grimm Photography. Andy certainly

knows how to capture a special snapshot of your love and one that will last a

lifetime. As you view our slideshow most of these photos shall you that I have

endless possibilities at the Bushnell Event Center. Thank you, Andrew Grimm

Photography. We are here for you!! We want your day to be the best it can be

and sharing in your moments of love, gives me and my staff the joy and

satisfaction that we played a small role in bringing your vision to life.

I have included a few from other couples and their photographers. But the

majority of the photo credit is mostly Andrew Grimm Photography.

The slideshow will allow you to see some of the “first looks” which melt my

heart. Especially those Dads out there. They make me cry a little.

Second, you will see the beautiful transformation of a blank slate room come

to life as a place for your sacred vows and the fun you bring to the reception. I am

always at a loss for words when I see how easily couples create this area and make

it all their own with their touch and their feel for their day. You all truly have

amazed me.

Third, we have the “dance and entrance” We love how people show their

love and personalities when announced by the DJ to the crowd of guests, your

closest family, friends, and dearest extended families.

Fourth, those one-of-a-kind photos from the “send-offs” to the staircases,

sparkler send-offs and every nook and cranny that Downtown Springfield and the

Bushnell has to offer.

Enjoy and know, this could be your day, your way. Unique as you are as a

couple. We can’t wait to add more when we can get them.

We are anxious to always showcase your big day with your permission as

these wonderful couples and Andrew Grimm Photography have been so kind to do

for us and the world to see. Continue to let your love grow.

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