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Romantic ways to pop the question

Thinking of popping the question but want to make it as romantic as possible? Then consider using one of our 20 romantic ways to pop the question.

Carriage ride

Imagine taking your significant other on a carriage ride through a park or downtown, taking in all there is to see. Then dropping to one knee to ask them to spend the rest of their life with you.

Go on your first date again

We all remember our first date even if it didn’t go as planned. Take your spouse to be back on your first date and pop the question when the time is right.

Go on a picnic

Sitting down to eat homemade treats and looking over a beautiful body of water or a gorgeous view is a great way and place to pop the question.

Do it on the beach

Walk down the beach and take in the sun while waiting for the perfect sunset to pop out the ring and ask for their hand in marriage.

Build a snowman

Want to propose in the cold months? Then take them outside to build a snowman. Wait until the moment feels right then ask that loving question “Will you marry me?”

Pick their favorite landmark

Does your significant other have a favorite local landmark? If so, you can take them there to propose making the spot even more special for them.


So far our ideas on romantic ways to propose have been very budget-friendly. This idea will isn’t as budget-friendly but is such a great way to show your love and ask that big question.

Make it a mural

Find a blank wall and write out your proposal on it. Then make sure to bring your significant other out for a walk that passes the wall.

Sidewalk chalk it

Run to the store and grab a box of sidewalk chalk and write out your message in a special place and then plan to get your beloved in front of your artwork.

Candle lit path

A bit cliche but still a romantic way to pop the question is to make a candle-lit path to a special place where you will ask that burning question.

Ferris wheel

Take your significant other to a Ferris wheel and once at the top, pop the question! Just don’t drop the ring!

Scavenger hunt

Does your significant other like scavenger hunts? Then plan a hunt that leads to a beautiful location where the final item to find is you on one knee with a ring in your hands.

Fortune cookie

Whether you order takeout or go to a Chinese restaurant you can plant your own fortune cookie with a special proposal for your future spouse.

Carve a pumpkin

Go pick out a big pumpkin perfect for carving your message. Then spend the day carefully etching and carving so that when your significant other gets home they will see your handcrafted message.

Hide the ring in an Easter egg

Make a special egg just for your beloved that has the ring you picked out hidden inside. Once they open it, pop the question.

Spell it with sparklers

This works at almost any location and is a great way to pop the question during the darker hours.

Breakfast in bed

Treat your love to a fantastic breakfast in bed with a life-changing surprise.

With live music

You can use a band you hired or even just take them out to a venue with live music when you pop the question.

On cupcakes

Give your beloved a box of cupcakes with a special message spelled out with icing.

At the future wedding venue

Take them to your future wedding venue and make that space even more memorable.

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